Our services

  • Landing pages and registration forms

  • Ticketing and payments

  • Email design and campaigns

  • On-site check-in with touch screen laptops, scanners, and printers

  • Lead scanning apps and devices for on-site events

  • Design and production of badges and lanyards

  • Real-time reporting and dashboarding

Who we are

  • Glenn Jonkman


    +31 117 222 699

  • Joeri van den Bergen


    +31 117 222 699

  • Willem van Vugt


    +31 6 12 16 04 82

  • Esther Westerweele


    +31 117 222 699

Our goals

  • Save time

    Save time

    Help you save time when managing event registration

  • Easy access

    Easy access

    Provide easy access to the information that matters to you

  • Fast and easy

    Fast and easy

    Contribute to your attendee experience by making on-site check-in fast and easy

  • Fair pricing

    Fair pricing

    Reduce your event costs by offering fair pricing and multi-event advantages

Our history

Lenovi was founded in 2020 by Esther Westerweele and Willem van Vugt of LEF marketing & events and Glenn Jonkman and Joeri van den Bergen of Novotix. LEF marketing & events is an events agency specialized in the tech sector. Novotix is a platform for managing ticketing focused on the festival and music industry.


Lenovi exclusively uses high-quality services and materials from external partners to ensure your data is safe and your event registration goes smoothly. All our equipment is made to last and packaged and shipped securely.